General indications

eYOUaca, what is it?

eYOUaca is an e-learning program delivered through a dedicated web platform

Who can participate to the eYOUaca program?

The e-learning program addresses youngsters aged between 18 and 30 who are involved in grassroots sport organizations at national level.

How does eYOUaca work?

The program is divided in two parts:

  • e-learning training Through the web platform you will access different learning modules with many materials (readings, images, videos, case studies etc.)
  • internship – In this part you will be able to put into practice what you have learnt in a real sport einvorinment (clubs and organistions) under the supervision of senior leaders, experts in their field.

All the program is based on intergenerational dialogue and learning by doing.

After completing the actual training part, you will be called to cooperate with your grassroot organization to develop innovative sport activities for children aged between 5 and 11.

What does ‘learning by doing’ mean?

Learning by doing means that you will be given the possibility to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired and to better develop your skills through concrete actions on the field.

What does ‘intergenerational dialogue’ mean?

Intergenerational dialogue means that you will learn not only by reading texts or watching videos, but also by sharing experiences, ideas and doubts with senior leaders, experts in the field of grassroots sport.

Who will develop the modules?

Each module will be developed and presented by experts (coaches, trainers, manager, member of the executive committes, ecc) belonging to different grassroots sport organizations coming from six different European countries, in detail:

AICS ItalyHLA CroatiaTUL Finland

CSIT Austria


KALEV Estonia

FNCC Italy

UCEC – Catalonia (Spain)


How long will the eYOUaca program take?

The eYOUaca learning program will consist of 48 hours of general subjects and 48 hours on specialized sport, for a total of 96 hours.

What will I be at the end of eYOUaca?

The participants in the eYOUaca learning program, will be awarded with the title of Instructor Junior Coach.

Will I receive evaluations?

Both the e-learning training and the internship will be evaluated according to the European Qualification Framework (EQF).

This means that at the end you will receive a certification stating in a standardized way your knowledges and abilities helping you to spend your achievements more easily in any context.

Of which modules is the training composed?

The training is composed of a total of 1 introduction and 7 learning modules, divided as follows:

  • Introduction – The grassroots sport movement’s structure and organization
  • LM1 – Project Management and business planning
  • LM2 – Financial management
  • LM3 – Project design
  • LM4 – Hard skills and specific knowledge
  • LM5 – Leadership
  • LM6 – Communication
  • LM7 – Managing a sport event addressed to children
  • Towards internship – the role of young people

What will I learn during the eYOUaca training?

After the end of the program you will become a grassroots sport manager able to:

  • Understand grassroots sport legislation, bureaucratic, administrative and management elements.
  • Understand the role of a trainee.
  • Define project management, project’s lifecycle and its budgeting.
  • Manage a team and solve and avoid internal conflicts.
  • Understand the basics of financial management and its importance.
  • Use the basic financial tools such as balance sheets and profit/loss statements.
  • Detect and analyze calls for proposals.
  • Design project concepts and budget.
  • Start up fundraisings and partnerships.
  • Build and share goals and promote motivational strategies.
  • Use strategic and adequate communication through different channels.
  • Plan communication with stakeholders and promote visual identities.
  • Manage the main stages of a sport event.
  • Prepare, stage and communicate sport events addressed to children aged 5-11.

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