About the Project


eYOUAca has the objective of developing an innovative e-learning academy addressed to 75 young people – aged between 18 and 30 years old – through the engagement of a team of young leaders who have been already trained during the first 3 past small collaborative partnership projects (for more info: www.youaca.eu). The general objective of the eYOUAca project is to develop a curriculum of “young leaders in grassroots sport management at national and international level”. The curriculum is composed of e-training modules and 1 internship module in which young trainees are asked to cooperate with their organisations in order to put into practice what they learned in developing innovative sport activities for children from 5 to 11 years old. The e-training and e-internship will be evaluated and certified according to the EQF Level, indeed, at the end of the eYOUAca training course the participants will be certified for the title of Instructor Junior Coach – 48 hours of general subjects and 48 of internship (20 Credits TC). The course is composed of 7 e-training modules: financial management, project design, hard skills and specific knowledge, leadership, communication and event management.

According to an analysis of trainees and organisations’ needs and to common guidelines aimed at defining the set of criteria to make the programme “youth-friendly”, national teams of trainers, seniors and young leaders in grassroots sport aim at developing, testing, and delivering the modules through 2 methodological pillars:


  • intergenerational dialogue: the guidelines aim at establishing an open and common platform for young leaders and senior ones to meet, and share thoughts and experiences throughout an intergenerational dialogue.

learning by doing: acquiring knowledge in a theoretical sphere and then putting it into practice. Taking into consideration that after the theoretical part of e-modules, a practical one of the internship will follow, where young leaders are asked to turn their knowledge and skills obtained into action.


The project is coordinated by an International Sports Confederation (CSIT/Austria) with a partnership of 5 national grassroots sport organisations (AICS/Italy, TUL/Finland, UCEC/Spain, KALEV/Estonia, HLA/Croatia), 1 organisation for sport innovation (EPSI/Belgium), 1 organisation which provides certifications for educational services (EurEthICS ETSIA/Belgium) and a cultural non-profit organisation (FNCC/Italy)


75 young people between 18 and 30 years old involved in the eYOUAca course

1 Moodle e-learing course developed

1 Curriculum composed of 7 modules and 1 internship

Instructor Junior Coach level according to the EQF certification

10 innovative sport initiatives designed and staged during the internship

250 children between 5 and 11 years old involved