Youth policy, global sustainability and gender equality are the keys to restructuring the grassroots sport sector

The new CSIT EU project eYOUAca for the training of young sports managers was another focal point at the Congress. The Young Leaders projects are increasingly becoming an important pillar within CSIT. The Young Leaders summer camps are well attended and are becoming more and more popular. The Austrian experts Prof. Robert Kaspar and Jörg Meixner presented their Working Group for “Environmental Sustainabiliy and Green Events”. In future, all CSIT events will be carried out within the framework of the new sustainability guidelines. The debut will be the CSIT World Sports Games in September 2023 in Cervia. Gender equality in sport is also being developed in the CSIT. In 2023, there will be the Gender Equality initiative with the EU Co-funded Project “MamaNet 2023” to spread Mamanet in Europe, with around 1,500 female participants expected in Italy.